Why We Ought to Care In regards to the Duggar Drama and Why We Ought to Cease Speaking About It

The publicity of molestation costs involving the fact TV Duggar household (of 19 Youngsters and Counting), has been the subject of ongoing dialogue and debate on social media websites just lately. There have been two major camps, those that have reacted with disgust and people who have sought to defend the actions of (former Arkansas politician) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, dad and mom of Josh Duggar, who admitted to molesting youthful women as an adolescent. Whereas the main points of the response and actions of Jim Bob and Michelle have been inconsistent and unclear, they together with Josh Duggar (and his spouse, Anna) have made public statements affirming that Josh fondled a number of youthful women when he was across the age of 14 years. Conflicting experiences have been offered concerning whether or not or not Josh Duggar obtained counseling concerning the perpetration of sexual abuse and the supply of counseling companies to the victims concerned. All three of the primary members (Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh) on this drama have indicated they sought non secular counsel and Josh has expressed regret concerning his actions.

Why Ought to We Care In regards to the Duggar Drama?

Whereas the household has been lauded by some for his or her acknowledgement of the inappropriateness of Josh’s habits and their searching for forgiveness by means of their non secular perception system, others observe that the actions of Josh represent legal habits and as such, ought to have been dealt with by means of the legal justice and the Youngster Protecting Providers methods. Ought to it matter to others if the scenario was dealt with and actions taken to guard previous and potential future victims? There are a couple of causes it ought to matter.

1) The legal guidelines of the state and nation apply to all individuals, no matter superstar standing or their non secular affiliation. If we permit some individuals to craft their very own therapy and/or punishment, we develop into a lawless society, wherein the rights and protections of all residents are usually not assured. Many have cited the robust non secular beliefs of these concerned as a suitable different to a proper judicial response. Nonetheless, if that is acceptable on this circumstance, would/ought to it not be allowed for any different perpetrator? Who decides when it’s acceptable?

2) The authorized and little one protecting methods have been established so as to make sure the honest and equitable therapy of all and the safety of weak people. Whereas one individual might contemplate sending the perpetrator to work with a household pal and prayer as an efficient therapy and security mechanism, many wouldn’t. The dearth of documentation and accountability of those approaches leaves open the potential for future victimization.

three) Therapy of each perpetrator and victims ought to be based mostly on sound, empirical, therapeutic approaches to make sure the well being and well-being of all concerned. There may be ample analysis on the efficacy of established response and therapy protocols in circumstances of juvenile molestation and entry to individuals specializing in treating offenders and victims. Within the absence of the supply of such companies, it’s unattainable to foretell the longer term actions of an individual who has displayed predatory behaviors.

four) We should completely analyze the systemic failures (and successes), so as to higher shield youngsters. Clearly the system was circumvented on this scenario. If we’re to enhance methods and make sure the safety of weak youngsters, we should repeatedly research and perceive systemic points that permit youngsters to be uncovered to pointless dangers.
On this case, a number of individuals reported to have information of the abuse are recognized by state statute as obligatory reporters of kid abuse. These embody regulation enforcement officers, clergy (ministers), and counselors. The household has publicly said that they sought the recommendation of individuals in two of those classes. (Conflicting experiences have been offered concerning counseling of Josh and victims.) The potential violations of state legal guidelines by a number of events have to be examined to right deficiencies and shield youngsters from future abuses of systemic weaknesses. If deficiencies occurred, motion have to be taken to cut back the probability of future systemic failures.
As a ‘litmus’ check, I’d encourage you to ask your self the next query: ‘If my son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild went to considered one of these people to reveal sexual abuse, would I be happy with the identical response?’. If the reply is not any, there’s work to be finished.

5) The long-term adversarial well being penalties for victims of sexual abuse are clearly documented by in depth analysis. The Opposed Childhood Experiences (ACE) research have linked childhood abuse with a variety of well being and behavioral penalties properly into maturity. These studied verify the necessity to guarantee the protection and well-being of weak youngsters and the significance of well timed, therapeutic interventions.

Why Ought to We Cease Speaking In regards to the Newest Duggar Household Drama?

This actually ought to learn, ‘why ought to the media cease speaking in regards to the newest Duggar household drama?’. We should not lose sight of the truth that there are victims concerned on this drama, harmless victims. Whereas we don’t know for sure how a lot the victims have been uncovered to this media consideration, it’s unlikely they’ve been utterly shielded from it. Even assuming they’re younger adults now (which they doubtless are), the emotional toll of the on-going media consideration can’t be supportive of their restoration. Some information shops have gone as far as to invest and title the possible victims. That is completely inappropriate. States and the federal authorities have gone as far as to enact laws particularly defending the rights of victims, shielding their identities, and guaranteeing methods don’t compound the consequences of abuse. Victims’ names are routinely redacted from public data. Our position,  as a society, is to guard and deal with victims to attenuate the potential of long-term, destructive penalties of childhood abuse. We should be sure that victims are usually not re-victimized by societal response to their abuse.

In Closing:

Many have tried to make this a political drama. Actually, the Duggar household has been concerned in politics on the state and nationwide ranges. Nonetheless, we should not overlook that, at its core, it is a sexual abuse case and as such, deserving of discretion and respect for the privateness and rights of the victims, along with taking acceptable corrective actions to handle the inappropriate behaviors. Whereas it’s important that all of us, as a society, reply to and study from such occasions, we have to be aware of the well-being of those that suffered abuse as weak youngsters and who proceed to reside with the implications of that abuse every day.


After scripting this publish, I ran throughout a transcript of an interview that (I really feel) articulates the problems and tough choices dad and mom face in coping with abuse by a toddler very properly. I’m posting a hyperlink right here to the article, Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Ought to the Duggars Have Performed? The individual being interviewed is a Licensed Therapist who works with minors who’ve dedicated intercourse offenses. She compassionately addresses the advanced feelings and thought processes related to parental response to abuse by a toddler/teen on this interview.




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