Chris Mills Youngster Safety Weblog: ‘Tabula Rasa’ – or a clean slate

I’ve all the time been a fan of ‘thought experiments’.
They appear to be ideally suited methods of addressing tough issues with out having to
conduct arduous, time-consuming and costly analysis. Simply the factor for lazy
individuals like me!

Not that Albert Einstein and Erwin
Schrödinger had been lazy.
When he was a teen Einstein performed a
thought experiment that concerned imagining what it could be prefer to journey alongside
near a beam of sunshine at about the identical pace. Understanding the results of
this visualisation helped him later to formulate his Particular Principle of
Relativity. [1]
In 1935, Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist,
devised a thought experiment by which a cat inside a field seems to be each
alive and useless, with out contravening
the legal guidelines of subatomic physics. Schrödinger used this for instance obvious issues
with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. [2] As Niels Bohr, the
main exponent of the Copenhagen interpretation, as soon as stated: “Anybody who’s
not shocked by quantum concept has not understood a single phrase.”
So, thought experimentation has an
spectacular file of serving to us to take care of tough issues. Let’s attempt to
apply it to the issue of the best way to design organisations which ship baby
safety companies.
My thought experiment goes like this.
Suppose we’re taken away in an alien spacecraft
to a distant planet not not like earth, the place they’ve very comparable issues of
baby abuse and neglect, however no baby safety companies. Additionally allow us to suppose
that the aliens wipe our minds of all our particular detailed information of earthly
baby safety companies, however depart the remainder of our information intact. That
implies that when the chief alien asks us to advise the planet on the best way to create
an organisation to guard maltreated youngsters we’re beginning with a clean
slate, a tabula rasa as John Locke [3]
would have referred to as it. What will we advise?
Maybe the very first thing we might say is
that as a result of the character and extent of kid abuse and neglect shouldn’t be totally
understood, any organisation created to take care of it could must be an
organisation dedicated to studying increasingly more in regards to the advanced points it
was coping with as time glided by. Such an organisation would must be a studying organisation [4], intensely analysis
targeted and consistently amassing and analysing details about the character
and extent of the issues it sought to remedy. We’d anticipate the organisation
to be appropriately targeted on understanding the wants of abused and uncared for
youngsters and on methods to make them safer.
The second factor we’d say is that any
organisation which tried to carry out such a difficult process would wish to
be an organisation which was dedicated to fixed self-improvement. The duty
of defending maltreated youngsters is dauntingly tough. Solely an organisation
which consistently improved could be as much as the job. It might not be ample
simply to have the occasional massive leap ahead when one thing main had gone
fallacious, or when any individual got here up with a brand new thought. Reasonably it could be important
for baby safety organisations to foster enchancment on a regular basis, on a
day by day foundation.
Clearly security is on the coronary heart of kid
safety – it’s all about safeguarding
youngsters and making them protected. One other
means of placing that’s that the companies are security important. So, any organisation searching for to guard youngsters
would wish to develop the best mechanisms for turning into safer and
safer. It might have to observe the very best follow of different security important
industries. It might have to be taught increasingly more about security and the best way to make
companies safer. It might have to create and maintain a tradition by which it was
simple to determine security issues and to analyse and perceive them; and to
come-up with concepts about how they might be addressed. That will imply creating
the situations by which all staff had been capable of discuss brazenly in regards to the issues
that go fallacious and to be taught from their errors.
Focus could be one other issue that we would wish to handle in our
design. We don’t actually perceive the dimensions and nature of the issues we’re
coping with and we all know that we’ve got to maintain enhancing our organisations to
obtain larger high quality and larger security. However we additionally know that assets are
restricted. It might due to this fact be very important that any baby safety organisation did
all in its energy to make sure that as a lot as doable of the accessible useful resource
was directed at defending and safeguarding youngsters, and to studying the best way to do
it higher; not doing different issues which aren’t important.
There are, maybe, two separate elements
of this problem of focus. The primary issues eliminating wasteful practices,
whereas the second issues devising techniques which movement easily and effectively. Wasteful practices may embrace pointless
conferences or journey and, particularly, superfluous paperwork. Making companies movement
means designing companies with the intention to keep away from pointless queues of individuals or backlogs
of paperwork and administration or diaries full of conflicting appointments.
Bottlenecks, comparable to instances ready for administration selections or delays in
allocating assets, needs to be eradicated wherever doable.
Lastly, our reflections would wish to show
to the type of individuals we have to ship our companies. Clearly, we would wish
extremely educated individuals with a combination of expertise and new blood. A
steady workers group could be important, with the intention to retain the educational and
experience that different options of the design would produce. The individuals we might
make use of must be resilient, as a result of coping with baby abuse and neglect
is clearly very emotionally demanding. Typically they must have the opportunity
to tolerate excessive ranges of stress and stress. As a way to guarantee this, we
must choose individuals very rigorously and to make it possible for as soon as we received
the correct individuals we stored them. The tradition of our organisation would due to this fact
need to be nurturing and supportive.

Hopefully after a suggestions session, the
chief alien could be happy with the suggestions we needed to provide. To summarise
we’re proposing companies that are:

  • user-focused and dedicated to studying increasingly more in regards to the wants of youngsters
    the advanced problem of kid abuse and neglect
  • improvement-focused with a dedication to consistently enhancing security and high quality; this
    requires an open and tolerant tradition by which all people can discuss freely about
    the issues which go fallacious
  • lean, by which I imply targeted on solely doing these issues that are
    important to reaching our goal of defending youngsters and never losing
    assets or permitting pointless obstacles to be put in the way in which of easily
    delivering well timed companies
  • nurturing and supportive to workers,
    recognising the demanding nature of the job

It’s maybe at this level the place my
thought experiment turns into one thing extra akin to fantasy fiction. The chief
alien all of a sudden waves a Jedi mild sword above our heads and the recollections of the
baby safety organisations which we knew so properly on earth are all of a sudden
Can we delight in quiet satisfaction that the
organisational design we’ve got simply created, on the tabula rasa, matches the truth of our earthly organisations?
[1] See Einstein, A. Autobiographical
, (translated and edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp) Open Court docket Publishing
Firm, 1991.
[3] See Locke, J. An Essay Regarding
Human Understanding
. 1st ed. London: Thomas Bassett, 1690.

[4] Senge, P. et. al. (1994) The Fifth Self-discipline Fieldbook: Methods and Instruments
for Constructing a Studying Group

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